What Men Want From A Woman! The Truth: From Google

What Men Want From A Woman! The Truth: From Google

What men want from a woman is pretty obvious if you know where to look. Some people think that men are mysterious, emotionless creatures that are impossible to figure out. In this article, I am going to tell you the truth about what men want from a woman based on what men search for the most on the internet.

What Men Want From A Woman

To find the truth about what men want, I researched the most common phrases that men type into search engines. Using this information, I compiled a list of the most important things men are looking for in a relationship. Below are the top 5 things men search for using Google.

5.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Marry Me?

One of the most popular search terms was about marriage.girlfriend-won't-marry-me

When a man is ready to get married, he will waste no time letting his partner know that this is the case. However, sometimes men get so excited that they forget to have a conversation with their partner about this big step.

4.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Trust Me?

girlfriend-won't-trust-meComing it at #4 on the list is trust. However, if you have been in an intimate relationship with someone, you know how important trust is. Sometimes men do things to break the trust of their partners. In order to get that trust back, they must start to act in trustworthy ways, and effectively communicate about the important things in their relationships. Trust is a two way street.

3.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Text Me Back?

It can be frustrating when you text your partner and they don’t respond. Patrice wrote a great article about texting, and that advice can be applied to both men and women.

2.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

girlfriend-isn't-kissing-meKissing. Second place on our list, but usually one of the first big steps in a relationship. Secret Safe’s own Mike Seinberg wrote an article about kissing, helping to guide our male readers. Another leading expert, Ashley Rodrigues, tackled the kissing question from the female side of things.

1.) Why Won’t My Wife Listen To Me?

not-listeningThis is the most popular question asked by men. More men used the searched for the answer to this question using Google then anything else. Thankfully, our relationship expert Mike tackled this question early on, and we have been helping people with this communication issue ever since.

What DO Men Want?

We hope this article helps you to understand what men want from the women they have feelings for. Let us know what you think about the article in the comments below!


Why Won’t My Boyfriend Kiss Me?

Why Won’t My Boyfriend Kiss Me?

Are you frustrated wondering why your boyfriend won’t kiss you? Imagine, you had a lovely dinner, great conversation, and he drives you home. You pull up in your driveway, the anticipation builds for that goodbye kiss and yet again, you are left with a simple good night.  Let’s explore the real reasons behind the question why won’t my boyfriend kiss me.

Starting A New Relationshipnew relationship

The beginning of a new relationship can be tough to navigate. These first milestones for a new couple can set the tone of the entire relationship. So yes, it is a big deal if he hasn’t kissed you yet, and it is okay to be frustrated. My name is Ashley Rodrigues. As a licensed mental health therapist, I work with individuals to try to better their quality of life and build better relationships.

The Boy I Like Won’t Kiss Me

The first question I would ask is “Does your boyfriend know that he is your boyfriend?” Please don’t get offended. In the age of texting, social media, and casual hookups we’ve lost the art of the “relationship defining conversation”. Rarely do couples sit down and discuss whether or not they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, or whether they are exclusively dating. I know it is awkward, but it will open up the lines of communication that will help your relationship lasting in the future. It is possible you are waiting for a kiss from your boyfriend that has no idea he is supposed to be making that move. Save yourself the frustration and the tension in the relationship and talk it out.

My Boyfriend Won’t Kiss Me

If you have already established with your significant other that you are exclusively together, perhaps your loved one is unsure of you wanting that kiss. The fear of rejection can be debilitating, so warm your boyfriend up to the idea. Any physical touch can indicate that you are ready for the first kiss and minimize the chances of rejection. Grab his hand, or touch his arm at dinner. Drop subtle hints so he knows that you are ready for that next step.

Talk About Ittalking it out

If your partner is pulling back from physical intimacy it can be a signal that there is something deeper going on. If the lack of kissing is a shift in behavior, sit down and talk about it. He may want to reevaluate the relationship or he is upset about something else. Instead of discussing it, he is withholding kisses and other forms of physical intimacy.

Communication Is The Answer

Relationships come in many forms. Every situation is different, but I hope this article allows you to look at the situation differently and provides some clarity. There are no set rules to this dating thing, so relax, maybe even make the first move yourself. Go for it!

Why Won’t My Boyfriend Text Me?

Why Won't My Boyfriend Text Me?

Are you wondering why he’s not texting you back? Everything was going fine and then he stopped responding. If you are wondering why won’t my boyfriend text me back, I have the answer for you.

Maybe It’s a Bad Day

bad day boyfriend not texting You might be too young (or maybe too old) to remember this, but once upon a time, there was a singer named Monica. She did teenage boys and girls of the early 90’s a huge favor when she released the song, Don’t Take it Personal, filling us in on the fact that other people’s actions don’t always reflect their feelings for us… Of course, then there are the times it is all your fault. We’ll try to figure out which one holds true for you.

Is He My Boyfriend?

First off, are you sure he’s your boyfriend? Unless you’ve set some clear boundaries, mainly talking about the fact that the two of you will not date other people, you may be overestimating your claim on this man. If you have been dating for months, not years, and you’ve texted him an excessive amount of times without a response, rethink the boundaries of your relationship.

How Much Should I Text My Boyfriend?

What’s excessive? If you’ve texted him more than once without a response for more than a day, you need to consider that he might have a different idea of your relationship than you do. That’s okay. Talk it out next time HE contacts YOU. If he doesn’t come crawling back with an explanation for being neglectful, it’s his loss.how much texting?

On the other hand, like Monica preached, sometimes a person just needs some time alone to chill. Perhaps he’s having a bad day, maybe his cat died, feasibly his mom could be sick, and he’s making her chicken soup while she rests in bed. If you have a good guy, you know it. If your relationship has been on steady ground for a while, and he suddenly goes MIA, don’t panic yet. Part of being in a relationship is trusting in your partner, being patient with them, and holding things down when something bad happens. If this is your situation, breathe, meditate, do some yoga, and when he calls you to tell you about his horrendous time of it, you be there for him, like you’d want him to be there for you.

Why Won’t My Boyfriend Text Me?

There’s another option though. And, it’s not a good one. How well do you know this guy? Could it be that you just think you know him better than you know your high school BFF? Is there any chance at all that you are the other woman? If he routinely ignores your texts over an extended period of time, and you’ve never been to his home or met his friends or family, there’s a pretty good chance he’s sitting around the dinner table with his wife and kids and unable to respond right away. If he’s married, or dating someone else, it’s time to stop texting and block him. You are too good for that, and he will never leave them for you – nor should you want him to.

I truly hope he’s just having one of those days. If not, you know what to do.

Sending Love,

Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

Why Won't My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

You had a great evening, but now your girlfriend won’t kiss you.  Well, I would suggest that after 20+ years of marriage and a few relationships before that, the women I’ve been with who had kissing issues had their reasons. I’ll tell you exactly why some men and women are left wondering why won’t my girlfriend kiss me?

Kissing Is Intimate

Intimacy is a very funny thing. We think of sex as being very intimate but when you get down to it, the most intimate act that two people can share is probably kissing. To put another angle on this, consider the behavior of the character in Pretty Woman. In many cases, she did not kiss her clients. Even though she was willing to be with them physically, she didn’t kiss them. She reserved kissing for her own chosen partner only. She actually felt that kissing another person in that way made her unfaithful. Odd, but true.

Am I A Good Kisser?Am I a good kisser?

First up would be real basic things like hygiene and basic kissing skills, or the lack thereof. In other words, is your breath fresh and your mouth clean? Are you healthy? Do you know how to kiss in a way that is compatible with your partner? Do you kiss wet and she prefers dry? Does she like tongue and you don’t? Kissing is supremely intimate and very personal, so how you do it must work with the person you wish to kiss. If your lady seems unwilling to kiss, have you ever asked her if there’s something wrong? Honest communication can usually get to the heart of such issues.

Kissing And Communication

While kissing is a form of communication between two people, talking is important too. The best relationships are always formed and maintained through steady, honest, daily communications. If a problem, like a lack of kissing comes up, the best and most direct way to address it is to talk about it. Simply ask your partner why she seems unwilling to kiss you in an open, honest way. Don’t get whiney or accusatory. You want to know what the issue is and how you two can resolve it.

Is It Ok To Kiss In Public?

Another aspect of kissing is the where and when question. Many women are shy about kissing in public or at least in front of certain people. Remember in high school when they used to yell at kids for excessive PDA (public display of affection)? Well, for some women, kissing, being that it is intimate, is reserved for private moments. But again, you need to ask your partner what’s up. Also, remember that there’s a big difference between a quick peck on the cheek and a full on mouth kiss.

Is It The Right Time To Kiss?right time to kiss?

For some women, kissing at certain times is truly a turn-off. Without trying to be too graphic, if you have just been kissing her in other areas of her body, she may be reluctant to kiss you due to, shall we say, taste issues. Perhaps she has just been involved in a similar activity and feels self-conscious about how she might taste. For many couples, the basic mechanics of being intimate, whether we’re talking about sex or just kissing, hugging and touching, require a certain amount of negotiation and understanding until both parties are comfortable.

Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

Finally, you have to ask both yourself and your partner if kissing is a simple issue or symbolic of deeper, more profound problems within the relationship. If your girlfriend doesn’t want to kiss you, maybe she doesn’t really consider herself your girlfriend. Sometimes it can be that simple.

Why Won’t My Wife Listen To Me?

Why Won’t My Wife Listen To Me?

You told your wife to help you with a chose, but she completely ignored you. In many marriages, communication is one of the biggest problems.  In this article, I’m going to answer the question why won’t my wife listen to me, and tell you exactly how to fix the problem.

The Truth: Why Won’t My Wife Listen?

As someone who has been married for well over 20 years and was also trained as a professional journalist, I think I may have a couple of useful insights. As a journalist, one of the key skills is listening and in today’s world, that’s a skill that most people are sadly lacking. As a husband, listening is much more important than talking in most cases.

So, the issue you may be having with your wife is actually the reverse of what you think it is. Women, by nature, are usually decent listeners. Men, by nature are not. So if your wife doesn’t seem to listen to you anymore, it may be because she feels that you don’t listen to her.

Listening And Communication With Your WifeWife Listening and Communication

Think about the last time the two of you had a real conversation. Who talked most? How did you react the last time she started a conversation with you? How did you react the last time you asked for her opinion on something? Or, have you ever asked her opinion? Are you seeing a pattern here?

The big problem for many people is that they don’t listen in conversations except to find a place to start talking as soon as possible. This is where many women find themselves with their spouses. They have something to say, but as soon as they start, the man hijacks the conversation and goes off in whatever direction he wants with no thought to why they were talking in the first place.

Problem Solving: How to Listen

Try a new approach. The next time your wife starts a conversation, just listen. Respond with a nod, or smile or even ask an intelligent question, but let her lead. Listen to see what she’s looking for. If she just needs to vent, let her. If she asks for an honest opinion, give her one that is honestly germane to her question and then shut up.

If you keep up this pattern, your wife will soon feel connected, appreciated and understood. And then, when you feel the need to speak to her, she’ll be in a much more receptive mood. But be aware that you should also talk to her as carefully and mindfully as possible. If you just need to vent, make that clear. But if you want her input, ask for it and truly listen to it. There’s not much point in asking for input and then blowing it off.

When You Listen, Your Wife ListensWife Listening

So there you go fellow husbands. Listen more than you talk. Listen actively and attentively and you’ll probably find that listening soon becomes a happy and productive two-way street.

Why Won’t My Husband Listen To Me?

Why Won't My Husband Listen To Me?

You were trying to tell your husband to help out around the house, and he isn’t listening. This is a familiar complaint within committed relationships. If you are one of the many not feeling heard, then you are in good company.  In this article, I’ll answer the question why won’t my husband listen to me and tell you how to fix the problem.

The Truth About Communication

A husband who doesn’t listen is  a common frustration. It really boils down to one root word, communication. The biggest misconception to this communication problem is that the problem lies entirely with your significant other. Sometimes the problem is you as well.

Wait, who are you?

My name is Ashley Rodrigues. I am a wife, new mom, sleep deprived coffee lover and licensed mental health therapist. I work with individuals to try to better their quality of life and build relationships to their fullest potential. The good news is that with some honest self reflection and cooperation you can get your relationship back on track.

My Husband Won’t Listen To Memy Husband won't listen

Do you feel like you are endlessly nagging? With all do respect, you probably are. We’ve all been there, myself included. It is the little things that drive you crazy and it seems like the more you push, the worse it gets. Here is where you step back and evaluate what is driving you crazy. Is it really the dirty dishes in the sink, or is it something bigger?

Why Won’t My Husband Listen To Me?

Apologies for the cliche therapist talk, but how does it make you feel when he doesn’t do the dishes? Disrespected? Ignored? Now you can get to the root of the problem. And guess what, odds are high that you do something that drives him crazy too. Maybe he feels as ignored and disrespected as you do. Here is where you sit down and talk about it. Try leading with “Do I do anything that drives you crazy?” instead of leading with your grievances.

What Can I Do?

Humility and self reflection go a long way here. Next time, load the dishwasher the way he likes it to be loaded because you know how it makes him feel when you don’t. You both have to work to do in this case, but hopefully the lines of understanding and communication are being established.

Listening And Communication

One more common communication mistake is talking AT a partner instead to talking WITH a partner. Conversations are a two way street. If you knew that your significant other could be having this conversation with just anyone on the street, then you would go into auto-pilot mode and not really listen either. Now, if you knew your partner needed and valued your opinion and advice then you would respond much differently. All of a sudden you are a needed teammate, not just observing from the bench. So go ahead, ask for his advice. Better yet, take his advice. The result may surprise you and hopefully the dynamic of your conversations will begin to shift.

Good Communication Is Key

Relationships and conflicts are much like people, vastly different in many ways. By no means do I expect this advice to solve every problem, but I hope it at least gives you a foundation to work from and some perspective to think differently. Relationships can be hard work but that is usually what makes them so fulfilling in the end. Stay honest, stay humble, stay grateful.