What Men Want From A Woman! The Truth: From Google

What men want from a woman is pretty obvious if you know where to look. Some people think that men are mysterious, emotionless creatures that are impossible to figure out. In this article, I am going to tell you the truth about what men want from a woman based on what men search for the most on the internet.

What Men Want From A Woman

To find the truth about what men want, I researched the most common phrases that men type into search engines. Using this information, I compiled a list of the most important things men are looking for in a relationship. Below are the top 5 things men search for using Google.

5.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Marry Me?

One of the most popular search terms was about marriage.girlfriend-won't-marry-me

When a man is ready to get married, he will waste no time letting his partner know that this is the case. However, sometimes men get so excited that they forget to have a conversation with their partner about this big step.

4.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Trust Me?

girlfriend-won't-trust-meComing it at #4 on the list is trust. However, if you have been in an intimate relationship with someone, you know how important trust is. Sometimes men do things to break the trust of their partners. In order to get that trust back, they must start to act in trustworthy ways, and effectively communicate about the important things in their relationships. Trust is a two way street.

3.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Text Me Back?

It can be frustrating when you text your partner and they don’t respond. Patrice wrote a great article about texting, and that advice can be applied to both men and women.

2.) Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

girlfriend-isn't-kissing-meKissing. Second place on our list, but usually one of the first big steps in a relationship. Secret Safe’s own Mike Seinberg wrote an article about kissing, helping to guide our male readers. Another leading expert, Ashley Rodrigues, tackled the kissing question from the female side of things.

1.) Why Won’t My Wife Listen To Me?

not-listeningThis is the most popular question asked by men. More men used the searched for the answer to this question using Google then anything else. Thankfully, our relationship expert Mike tackled this question early on, and we have been helping people with this communication issue ever since.

What DO Men Want?

We hope this article helps you to understand what men want from the women they have feelings for. Let us know what you think about the article in the comments below!