Why Won’t My Boyfriend Kiss Me?

Are you frustrated wondering why your boyfriend won’t kiss you? Imagine, you had a lovely dinner, great conversation, and he drives you home. You pull up in your driveway, the anticipation builds for that goodbye kiss and yet again, you are left with a simple good night.  Let’s explore the real reasons behind the question why won’t my boyfriend kiss me.

Starting A New Relationshipnew relationship

The beginning of a new relationship can be tough to navigate. These first milestones for a new couple can set the tone of the entire relationship. So yes, it is a big deal if he hasn’t kissed you yet, and it is okay to be frustrated. My name is Ashley Rodrigues. As a licensed mental health therapist, I work with individuals to try to better their quality of life and build better relationships.

The Boy I Like Won’t Kiss Me

The first question I would ask is “Does your boyfriend know that he is your boyfriend?” Please don’t get offended. In the age of texting, social media, and casual hookups we’ve lost the art of the “relationship defining conversation”. Rarely do couples sit down and discuss whether or not they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, or whether they are exclusively dating. I know it is awkward, but it will open up the lines of communication that will help your relationship lasting in the future. It is possible you are waiting for a kiss from your boyfriend that has no idea he is supposed to be making that move. Save yourself the frustration and the tension in the relationship and talk it out.

My Boyfriend Won’t Kiss Me

If you have already established with your significant other that you are exclusively together, perhaps your loved one is unsure of you wanting that kiss. The fear of rejection can be debilitating, so warm your boyfriend up to the idea. Any physical touch can indicate that you are ready for the first kiss and minimize the chances of rejection. Grab his hand, or touch his arm at dinner. Drop subtle hints so he knows that you are ready for that next step.

Talk About Ittalking it out

If your partner is pulling back from physical intimacy it can be a signal that there is something deeper going on. If the lack of kissing is a shift in behavior, sit down and talk about it. He may want to reevaluate the relationship or he is upset about something else. Instead of discussing it, he is withholding kisses and other forms of physical intimacy.

Communication Is The Answer

Relationships come in many forms. Every situation is different, but I hope this article allows you to look at the situation differently and provides some clarity. There are no set rules to this dating thing, so relax, maybe even make the first move yourself. Go for it!



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