Why Won’t My Boyfriend Text Me?

Are you wondering why he’s not texting you back? Everything was going fine and then he stopped responding. If you are wondering why won’t my boyfriend text me back, I have the answer for you.

Maybe It’s a Bad Day

bad day boyfriend not texting You might be too young (or maybe too old) to remember this, but once upon a time, there was a singer named Monica. She did teenage boys and girls of the early 90’s a huge favor when she released the song, Don’t Take it Personal, filling us in on the fact that other people’s actions don’t always reflect their feelings for us… Of course, then there are the times it is all your fault. We’ll try to figure out which one holds true for you.

Is He My Boyfriend?

First off, are you sure he’s your boyfriend? Unless you’ve set some clear boundaries, mainly talking about the fact that the two of you will not date other people, you may be overestimating your claim on this man. If you have been dating for months, not years, and you’ve texted him an excessive amount of times without a response, rethink the boundaries of your relationship.

How Much Should I Text My Boyfriend?

What’s excessive? If you’ve texted him more than once without a response for more than a day, you need to consider that he might have a different idea of your relationship than you do. That’s okay. Talk it out next time HE contacts YOU. If he doesn’t come crawling back with an explanation for being neglectful, it’s his loss.how much texting?

On the other hand, like Monica preached, sometimes a person just needs some time alone to chill. Perhaps he’s having a bad day, maybe his cat died, feasibly his mom could be sick, and he’s making her chicken soup while she rests in bed. If you have a good guy, you know it. If your relationship has been on steady ground for a while, and he suddenly goes MIA, don’t panic yet. Part of being in a relationship is trusting in your partner, being patient with them, and holding things down when something bad happens. If this is your situation, breathe, meditate, do some yoga, and when he calls you to tell you about his horrendous time of it, you be there for him, like you’d want him to be there for you.

Why Won’t My Boyfriend Text Me?

There’s another option though. And, it’s not a good one. How well do you know this guy? Could it be that you just think you know him better than you know your high school BFF? Is there any chance at all that you are the other woman? If he routinely ignores your texts over an extended period of time, and you’ve never been to his home or met his friends or family, there’s a pretty good chance he’s sitting around the dinner table with his wife and kids and unable to respond right away. If he’s married, or dating someone else, it’s time to stop texting and block him. You are too good for that, and he will never leave them for you – nor should you want him to.

I truly hope he’s just having one of those days. If not, you know what to do.

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