Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

You had a great evening, but now your girlfriend won’t kiss you.  Well, I would suggest that after 20+ years of marriage and a few relationships before that, the women I’ve been with who had kissing issues had their reasons. I’ll tell you exactly why some men and women are left wondering why won’t my girlfriend kiss me?

Kissing Is Intimate

Intimacy is a very funny thing. We think of sex as being very intimate but when you get down to it, the most intimate act that two people can share is probably kissing. To put another angle on this, consider the behavior of the character in Pretty Woman. In many cases, she did not kiss her clients. Even though she was willing to be with them physically, she didn’t kiss them. She reserved kissing for her own chosen partner only. She actually felt that kissing another person in that way made her unfaithful. Odd, but true.

Am I A Good Kisser?Am I a good kisser?

First up would be real basic things like hygiene and basic kissing skills, or the lack thereof. In other words, is your breath fresh and your mouth clean? Are you healthy? Do you know how to kiss in a way that is compatible with your partner? Do you kiss wet and she prefers dry? Does she like tongue and you don’t? Kissing is supremely intimate and very personal, so how you do it must work with the person you wish to kiss. If your lady seems unwilling to kiss, have you ever asked her if there’s something wrong? Honest communication can usually get to the heart of such issues.

Kissing And Communication

While kissing is a form of communication between two people, talking is important too. The best relationships are always formed and maintained through steady, honest, daily communications. If a problem, like a lack of kissing comes up, the best and most direct way to address it is to talk about it. Simply ask your partner why she seems unwilling to kiss you in an open, honest way. Don’t get whiney or accusatory. You want to know what the issue is and how you two can resolve it.

Is It Ok To Kiss In Public?

Another aspect of kissing is the where and when question. Many women are shy about kissing in public or at least in front of certain people. Remember in high school when they used to yell at kids for excessive PDA (public display of affection)? Well, for some women, kissing, being that it is intimate, is reserved for private moments. But again, you need to ask your partner what’s up. Also, remember that there’s a big difference between a quick peck on the cheek and a full on mouth kiss.

Is It The Right Time To Kiss?right time to kiss?

For some women, kissing at certain times is truly a turn-off. Without trying to be too graphic, if you have just been kissing her in other areas of her body, she may be reluctant to kiss you due to, shall we say, taste issues. Perhaps she has just been involved in a similar activity and feels self-conscious about how she might taste. For many couples, the basic mechanics of being intimate, whether we’re talking about sex or just kissing, hugging and touching, require a certain amount of negotiation and understanding until both parties are comfortable.

Why Won’t My Girlfriend Kiss Me?

Finally, you have to ask both yourself and your partner if kissing is a simple issue or symbolic of deeper, more profound problems within the relationship. If your girlfriend doesn’t want to kiss you, maybe she doesn’t really consider herself your girlfriend. Sometimes it can be that simple.



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